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I am Michael Blair, a passionate advocate for guiding individuals toward entrepreneurship via the franchising route. My vision led me to establish, where our mission is to minimize the inherent risks associated with starting a business while providing a streamlined and expedited pathway for people to embrace a life lived on their own terms.


With over three decades of entrepreneurial experience, I've dedicated most of my adult life to the world of business. My journey began during college when I ventured into my first business endeavor, and I've since continued to explore various business concepts and investments throughout my career. As a co-founder of Deka Lash, we've successfully grown our presence to encompass more than 140 retail locations across the United States and Canada. Additionally, I've extended my entrepreneurial pursuits into the fitness industry, owning multiple franchise locations.My guiding principle has always been that taking calculated risks, when aligned with a greater purpose and the pursuit of a fulfilling life, is a worthwhile endeavor.

Leveraging my extensive industry experience and robust franchisor relationships, I am uniquely positioned to provide my clients with invaluable insider insights that are typically beyond their reach. Each year, I meticulously evaluate numerous franchise companies, separating the promising opportunities from the less favorable ones, ensuring that my clients make informed decisions in their pursuit of success.


One of the most compelling incentives to invest in a franchise is the assurance of purchasing a tried-and-true business model, as opposed to embarking on the arduous journey of starting a business from scratch. The intricate workings of operations, the strategic marketing plan, and effective advertising campaigns have all been meticulously developed and rigorously tested by the franchisor.

Furthermore, the franchise community often provides a valuable network of fellow franchisees, offering insights into the key ingredients for achieving success.In my consulting practice, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the pursuit of matching individuals with businesses that offer them the opportunity to attain freedom, amass wealth, and establish a lasting legacy for their families.

Let's be honest, life is a precious gift with just one chance to make a meaningful impact. It's about contributing to your community, securing your family's future, and engaging in work that brings personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

"If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs."


How We Work


Self Discovery

It’s all about you. The first step is an in depth consultation so we gain access to your goals and aspirations. We will seek to understand your business skill sets, passions and financial situation.


We will take this information and create a model in evaluating various franchise opportunities. The model will identify the attributes you feel are important as well as the characteristics of your potential ideal business matches.


Once we have identified some business types that best fit your model, we’ll suggest specific opportunities on which to begin conducting in-depth research. We will also begin discussing financing options and connect you with professionals who may be able to assist you.


We will guide you through the research phase and deliver education and market statistics so you truly know what you are looking at. We have the experience, having been on both sides of the table, to give you advice to make a sound business decision.


We understand that this step is exciting but intimidating. We will stay close to you during this last step so that you have the reassurance and confidence you need to meet your goals that we initially spoke of.
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